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Social Studies

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The Climate: The climate in Paris France would be different all year round. Sunny in the summer, humid and beautiful in the spring, cold and snowy in the winter, and cloudy and rainy in the fall. Overall, France has very nice weather conditions.

Paris, France

The Currency $ in France: The money in France would be in Euro's. $100 = 73.1815. (10/17/13)

Some of the history behind France would be all the Revolutions that took place there, the wars ofcourse fought there as well, and the written records, Iron age. A few cultural hightlights are:- Roman Empire- French Revolution- Conflicts, Hundred Year War

Recreational activities:Some recreational activities in France are, sports! Sports in France are big, and a few would be tennis, soccer, swimming, fishing, golf, ect. Another recreational activity their would be, tourist attractions! France is known for their attractions and a few are.. the Eiffel Tower, Palace of Versailles, Futuroscope (a theme park), Lascaux, The "Love Lock" Bridge, ect.

France has great food! Some popular foods eaten their would be, croissants, crepes, cheese, bread, wine, ect. Food is well known in France, and told to be very delicious! France also has very stylish fashion, especially in the city of France. Shops in France (Paris), sell a lot of jewlery and wearable items! On your trip to Paris, you might want to stop by and see the animals too! Whether in their zoo's, in the oceans, or just outside roaming around, France has some neat animals like, deer, pigs, badgers, fox, sheep, dolphin, horses, ect. These are just some more information on why France would be more enjoyable and fun to visit on vacation!

The approximate price and length of the hotel (Pullman Paris Montparnosse), would be, $177 per night. For the length, 7 days and 6 nights, it would cost about $123,900. The round trip to paris, 7 hours and 35 minutes for the length on a plane, would cost 936.00 a person, or for two, $187.200 on a non-stop flight.

Country is located in Europe!

Country takes part in the United Nations.

The language spoken in France is simply, French. The French celebrate weddings, baptizms, and still visit shrines. Some holidays/customs are, Armistic day on November 11th, Liberation Day on May 8th, Bastinle day on July 14th, ect. France has many different religions like Muslim, Islam, Protestant, Jewish, and Roman Catholic, which is their main.

The government that this country has is mostly Republic. Its divided into 27 regions. The leader, (president) of this country, Francois Hollande, has been head of state for a 5 year term.

Paris is known as the "love city". Great for honeymoons!


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