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Social Studies

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ReligionFrance is a country where there is lots of choice of what religion you believe in and you have lots of freedom. France is also a country where you have the choice of being a citizen in the first 6-12 months you live in France. Roman Cathlicism was the most popular religion in France but now there are a range of diverse religions in france, however the most popular religions in France are Roman Cathlicism and Christianity.

Special Person in FranceManuel Valls has been an amazing priminister for France since the 31st of March 2014. Mr. Valls was born 13/8/1952 and 63 years old, he is a great learder of France. Mr.Valls lives in Paris, France and is looking to be the priminister for mant more years to come.

Traditional musicThere are lots of traditional songs in France but we have chosen the national anthem.Genaral MusicIn France there are lots of fantastic singers but one of the most famous is david guetta. David has made lots of great songs and albums however the best seller is She Wolf as it has broken 2 records and has been a best seller so thats why we will be playing She Wolf.

French StoriesOne of the most traditional French picture story book is a book called the four friends and we have chosen that story to play.[It is in French and English.]


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