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Griffin; Pitch; Logan; Ben; Melissa; Savannah


This song goes with my book because Luthor (the dog) interrupted a winning almost-touchdown at their school. Animal control came to Savannah's house threatening to take him away. She didn't know if she was going to lose him. The group of friends tried to save that from happening.

This song goes with my book because Griffin was framed by somebody who stole the Super Bowl Ring and he could possibly go to jail.

1. But never had he been so completly and utterily blindsided to the point where he could not even find the words to defend himself. (pg. 47)2. If the lesson on being framed had taught Griffin anything, it was that he was surrounded by the greatest people on the face of the Earth. (pg. 233)3. But there was something more important than having the right plan, it was having the right friends. (pg. 236)

By: Gordon Korman


The novel "Framed" by Gordon Korman, takes place in New York City where a doberman named Luthor interrupts an football game at their school. The conflict is when Griffin gets framed by someone who stole the Super Bowl Ring. He was sent to a jail sort of school and his group of friends set up a plan to find out who framed him. The climax is when he gets help from a kid at the jail school and finds out a pack rat stole his retainer and traded it for the ring. They found the rats stash, and Griffin was at their regular school again.

Main Characters and Setting

New York City and Their School

The theme is whatever happens in your life, your friends are always there to help you. I think that because Griffin was sent away to a different school and his friends made up a plan to get hm back and everything will go back to normal.



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