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Fragments about me

Theather lover <3

When I grow up, I want to be an actress, and I want to play at katona József színház, but first, I just want to graduate from SZFE (theather and cinema) my closer plans are visit more countries and finish my book. I am going to visit Paris tomorrow and England, Romania, Italy in the summer. I started a romantic book in the beggining of spring, about travveling. I really want to finish it because I think it's good, and i want to publish it.

I really like reading, watching films and going to theathers, because I always wanted to be an actress. I love romantic books, and horror.

My hobbies

fragments about me

My future plans

I don't really fear of anything. When I see a scary picture, I feel fright, but it lasts only a few minutes, and I think it's nothing. I watch many horror films but I'm not afraid of any of them.


I have two important heroines. The first is Helena Bonham Carter (actress from harry potter and fight club). I think she is the best actress in the world and she is so inspiring. She is participate in many charity actions. She has many tragedies in her life, half of her family died in a safari accident, and her father died too. But she always smiles and she is kind with her fans. My second heroine is Eszter Ónodi. She is an actress (A kind of America, stop mom Theresa!) too, from katona József Színház. She showed me: I can be good in hungary too. I met her once, and she was so kind. I love this two women's so much!

I am a bit superstitious. I'm not afraid of black cats, and this things, but I don't like to do important things in Friday 13. And I believe in pendulum, because I think life is better with some mysteries. But I most believe in my dreams. I think sometimes people can dream the future, but not all of the people and not any time. Some people are too straight for me in that way, but I think it's not bad to be nescient, because this is beautiful in life. Everybody is another.

My heroines*_*