Fragile X syndrom

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Fragile X syndrom

1.Pattern of Inheritance

2. Biological Manifestations

fragile X Syndrome



The probility of the second child haveing Fragile X Syndrome is that the second child may not be affected.


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FMRP- the reason the syndrome is caused is due to the people with the disease dont make a particulary protein.

Some Symthms: -learning Disorders -Development Delay-Shuttering-Anxiety-Large forehead or ears

It can be sexually transmitted or just inherited by the parent - Mutation also.


The visual difference between a normal x and a fragile x.

4.It can cause social issues and attention problems. it can affect when making friends and it holds you back from jobs when older. Depression keeps you away from being motivated in life to do anything.

It is inherited in the x-linked dominant pattern condition. Since the mutaed gene is located on X chromosome. That is why it is referred as a Sex Linked Dominant since it is inherited in the x chromosome, it is 1 of 2 sex chromosomes.

5.When starting to develope Autsim like behaviors and development delays

6.Nothing con cure the syndrome but therapy and special education sure does help with the daily obsticles

pedigree helps determend the carriers and affected by generations


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