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Here is a example fraction 2/7 + 3/5. In this part we are only going to talk about the denominator and how to convert it. The denominator is the bottom of a fraction it tells you how many pieces for a example how may pizza slices there are. First, you look at both of your denominators and see what number they go into 5 and 7 can be multipled by each other to get 0/35.


Converting Denominatiors

We are going to continue with our example 2/7+3/5. A numerator is the top part of a fraction it tells you how many pieces of something is left or it can tell you how much was taken. When you multiply anything to the denominator you must multiply it at the numerator.

Now that we know the converted fractions of 10/35 and 24/35 we are ready to add a subtract them.When you add and subtract fractions YOU ONLY CHANGE THE NUMERATOR.

When we get our sum and difference we must find a number to divide them by. If we had the sum of 20/24 we must find our GCF,Greatest common factor,.In the fraction 20/24 the GCF is 4 because 5x4=20 and 6x4=24 therefore 4 goes into both 20 and 24.

Simplifying fractions

Converting numerators

Adding and subtracting fractions


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