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1. I was making lemonade and it said i needed 5/4 of lemons and 4/3 of sugar. IMPROPER2. I had a night with my family their are five of us, we had pizza. There were 8 pieces a pizza, I had 3 dad had five mum had 2 Macy had 4 and Daisy had 4 that means we had two hole pizzas and there were 6 left over.All together we ate 2 wholes and 2/8, therfore we had 6/8 left over.

Equivalent fractions are fractions that relate to each other for example if i had 1/4 and I times it by two I'd get 2/8 it is an equivalent fractions. In the box above there will be some equivalent fractions. But equvilent fractions also mean one whole so 1/1 is equivalent to 2/2.

Fractions are mathimatical equasions that help us in our everyday lives (eg;) my mum needs to cut up oranges for my sisters netball team she needs to do this equally so evryone gets the same amount, so she cuts them up in quarters, 1/4. There are also inproper fractions that arent equivalent meaning 4/3. Hint there are 3 thirds in whole so that means it would be 1 whole and a third.

What Are Fractions?


Improper fractions are fractions that would not match together (as you can see above) or, dont fit together. You also can't find equivalent matches to them because you can't equally have 5/4 and you can't equally have 10/8.

Inproper Fractions

Equivalent Fractions


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