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Equivalent FractionsAn equivalent fraction is a fraction that is the same to another fraction but it is just written differently.For example: .One half is equivalent to two quarters,I did that by multiplying the denominator and the numerator by the same number.[the number 2]

Fractionsfrations are very important in life besause they are everywhere,for example if you work at a pizza shop you need to know how to use fractions because you need to cut the pizza in quarters or eighths and in the city there a buildings and in those building there are frations and in your house there are frations there are frations everywhere so it is very important that you know what frations are because we use them in everyday life.

FractionsBy Jon Litsas

Improper FractionsAn improper fraction is where the numerator is larger or equal to the denomerator,for example: Five quarters would be an improper fraction because five is larger than four however and improper fraction could also be four quarters because the numerator and the denomerator is the same number,however this is also known as a whole.


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