Fractions 2

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Fractions 2

Watch this video and then make four items for our Fraction Museum. 1/4 of the items in your museum will be a mystery item.Everything you need for our museum can be found on the white cart. Have fun and be creative!

Think Fractions!

Math Noteshelf WorkProve all your work!

1. Sameer has eight pencils. Three of them do not have erasers on the end. What fractions of the pencils do have erasers?2. Jenna has a pizza that was divided into eight equal slices. She ate three of them. Keever has a pizza the same size but it is divided into four equal slices. He ate three of them. Who ate more?3. Camdyn has 4 dimes, 5 pennies, 3 nickels, and 7 quarters. Write the fraction of Camdyn’s coins that are quarters?4. Write your own fraction problem and then make a movie in Xtranormal.

Read this book on your Kindle app. and make a book report video.

Make a game for 4th Graders. Players should capture at least 9 factions equivalent to 1/2.

Watch this video

One Is The Loneliest Number

Explain how you know a fraction is equivalent to 1. Use words and pictures.

Put the following fractions in order from greatest to least. 2/3, 3/8, 1/6, 4/5.Put your work in your digital math journal.

Write the band and explain why you think One is not the loneliest number.



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