Fractions 1

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Fractions 1

You will need headphones, your Math Journal, and a pencil.This is independent, quiet work.Read the directions and do the tasks in order! Then answer the questions in your Math Journal.

Watch this video to warm up your brain! Think Fractions! !

Fractions in Action


Directions: Click on Study Jams to watch a video. After the video play the Fractions Shoot game three times. Now move on to TASK 2.


Math Journal Work

Directions: Answer these questions in your Math Journal. Use your fraction strips to help you.You do not have to write the question. Write your answer in complete sentences and DRAW pictures.1. Matthew has 8 brownies. Three of them do not have nuts in them. What fraction of the brownies do not have nuts in them?2.Jenny had a pizza that was divided into 8 equal slices. She ate 3 of them. Danny has a pizza that is the same size, but his is divided into 4 equal slices. He ate 3 slices of his pizza. Who ate more pizza?3. Put these fractions in order from smallest to largest. Draw a picture for each fraction. 1/2, 3/4, 2/8, and 2/2.

Directions: Watch the movie below. Next, click on the picture of fractions and play the game no more than two times.Then move on to your Math Journal Work.




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