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Improper fractions are fractions which the *numerator is greater than the *denominator.e.g (9/3, 12/6 and 21/18)You end up with improper fractions when you add, subtract and multiply.*numerator: left/top number that represents part of the whole.*denominator: right/bottom number that represents what the numerator is out of.

Fractions are numbers that represents part of a whole number or a set. E.g ( 3/7, 15/12 and 3 8/9) There are different types of fractions like: improper fractions, mixed fractions and proper fractions.

By: Giacomo Cristiano

What are fractions?

What are improper fractions?

What are Mixed Fractions?

Mixed fractions are fractions which are a combination of a whole number and a proper fraction. e.g ( 4 2/5, 2 6/8 and 8 2/3)

We reduce fractions because we want them in the simplest form possible. To reduce a fraction just simply divide both numerator and denominator by the same number to get the smallest fraction possible.

Note: Not ALL fractions can be reduced

Adding Fractions

Subtracting Fractions

Like adding fractions, to subtract fractions just find the LCM (lowest common multiple) for the denominators and then subtract. Sample question: Michael planted 2 3/5 rows of corn and 5 5/6 rows of potatoes. How many more rows of potatoes than corn are there?Answer: 5 5/6 - 2 3/5 = 3 7/30

When adding and subtracting fractions, if you get a mixed fraction for an answer, do not reduce the whole number.

To add fractions get both denominators equal by finding the LCM (lowest common multiple), and then add. Sample question: Tyrell and his friends ordered 6 pizza pockets. They ate 2 3/4 at the beginning and 1 2/3 later on. How many pizzas did Tyrell and his friends eat in total?Answer: 2 3/4 + 1 2/3 = 3 17/15 = 4 5/12 pizzas

How and why do we reduce fractions?

Multiplying fractions is by far the easiest and fastest way of getting an answer. When multiplying a whole number by a proper fraction, multiply the whole number by the numerator, leaving the denominator the same. Sample question: Giacomo spends 6/8 of an hour each day playing soccer. How much time did Giacomo spend if this went on for 9 days?Answer: 9 * 6/8 = 54/8 = 6 6/8 hours

Multiplying Fractions

If your answer for any type of fraction problem is an improper fraction, convert it into a mixed fraction.


Example of how to multiply a whole number by a fraction

Example of how to reduce a fraction


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