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Fra Angelico


Fra Angelico

Birth date: estimated around 1418 to 1420Died in Rome on Fed, I8, 1455


Born in Vicchio di Mugello,Tuscany, with the baptismal name of Guido di Pietro. In his early work he only painted religious subjects, intended to impart instruction and inspire devotion. The style of his early work suggest that he was probably a pupil of Lorenzo Monaco. Alternatively maybe member of Masolino’s workshop. His later work shown progressive awareness and understanding of the new forms and innovations of the Early Renaissance. Not much of his family were documented, plus nothing were know of his parent, except that around 1418 he and his brother Benedetto took vows to become monks in the Order of Dominican Preachers in Fiesole, Italy, near Florence.

He recived trianing as a a manuscript illuminator. Lorenzo Monaco (1370-1424) was one of his teacher.

-San Marco Altarpiece-1438-1443-Tempera on wood-The main panel showes the enthroned Virgin and Child surrounded by Angels and Saints, there were 9 predella panels accompanying it, narrating the legend of the patron saints, Saints Cosmas and Damian.-The natrual settings in the background showes natrualism, the proportion and the realism of the people shows the awarness of humanisim in early renaissance age. Majority of Angelico's artwork does not show secularism.

-Perugia Altarpiece-1437 -1438-Tempera on wood- large central panel shows the Madonna Enthroned with Child and Angels. Two side panels, shows a figure of saint and on the left are St. Dominic and St. Nicholas.-The yellow colored base and the realism of the people shows the style of early renaissance and development of humanism.

-Deposition of Christ -1432–1434-Tempera on wood- It portrays Christ supported by several people, with Mary Magdalene keepinghis feet, as a symbol of human repention.-The details of the natural setting shows naturalism and the realistic porportion of the pple shows humanism.

His name were changed in the course of time, from the “de Mugello” of the earliest documents to the later ”de fesulis” and “de florentia”. The nick name: Angelico” is first found in the Theotocon of Fra Domenico da Corella (1469) – Beato was never official.


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