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Foxworth Academy


Brett and Ally had to find out what to save and Brett soon did. They had a mission to save Titanic and had to think of a resolution quickly to prevent it from sinking. Brett remembered his grandpa telling him it is easier to turn when you have speed so he increased the speed of the ship while everyone was yelling to stop the ship. Brett saved the ship and they learned a great lesson working with teammates. Just imagine if they really did indeed save the Titanic!!!

Foxworth Academy is a school for unique, really smart , athletic, and wealthy students. Brett Logan is a shy freshman student and Ally is a outgoing, pretty, friendly,and popular student. One class which rumors have been passed around about can change everything. Once two lives meet in a adventure, will anthing change? What happens next and the decisions they choose are important, for one single wrong step could change history..forever!

April 15,1912ship sinks


At TitanicBrett and Ally changed into their early twentieth century clothes and climbed into their glass enclosures. The tubes were closed and they were sent back to April 10, 1912. Their mission was to save, but they do not know what they have to save yet.

Foxworth Academy Part 1By: Chris Blewitt


What ended up happening?

Brett Logan had to swap papers with a student in class and wanted to do it with Ally his crush,but she already switched with someone. He had no other choice, but to switch with his annoying friend Frankie.

In Class/ Lockers


Mr. Martin flipped open the two foot by three foot piece of floor that was on two hinges and grabbed a flashlight leading to the steps to the history.

The Titanic was a tragic event. Two students had a great experience to save this ship and accomplished. What if they really did? It would save many lives indeed.WATCH THIS VIDEO ABOUT THE SHIP AND SEE WHAT YOU THINK AFTER.


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