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Fox is an extraordinary fable like picture book that begins with two animals that emerge from a forest destroyed by a bushfire. Magpie is rescued by Dog, but she does not want to be saved if she can no longer fly with her burnt wing. However, Dog is determined to show Magpie that life can still be good, as he has lost an eye. Both Dog and Magpie become the best of friends as Dog perseveres and shows Magpie that he can act as her wings when he runs, while Magpie acts as his missing eye. Just as Magpie is almost able to forget about her loss of flying, Fox comes along. Magpie was unsure of their new friend, but her suspicions are overruled by her desire to fly again as he tempts her with an offer too appealing to avoid. Without telling Dog, Magpie embarks on a new journey with Fox, only to find that his intentions were twisted as Fox abandons Magpie in the desert. Magpie finds herself alone and far from her friend Dog with the heart breaking thought of her friend waking up to her gone. This story ends with a painful yet powerful message about loyalty as Magpie's betrayal cost her friendship with Dog.


The excellent use of language, colour and writing in the picture book Fox, creates character, relationship and feeling. This provides us readers with great emotion. Although the book ends sadly when Fox leaves Magpie alone in the desert, we are left with a little hope that Magpie will make it back to her loyal friend Dog. This book is wonderful because it is interesting and has a powerful message about what friendship is, relating to the theme. Fox is a meaningful story suitable for ages 8 and up.


A successful picture book allows its text and image to extend on what they can each say on their own. In Fox, Wild and Brooks have provided readers with a story that is unforgettable through their creative use of language and illustrations that compliment each other. Wild has used many language techniques that give the story richness and power. Juxtapostion is a good example for this because in the first sentence "through the charred forest over the hot ash, runs dog, with a bird clamped in his big, gentle mouth," the word clamped is used to hint possible violence as it looks like Dog is going to eat Magpie. But then it reads big, gentle mouth. This change of expectations draws readers into the book with excitement. When Fox is introduced Wild uses language that challenges us to wonder what is happening because Fox is welcomed openly by Dog yet is described as villain like. This is because the book says he has haunted eyes, a rich red coat and a tongue of fire. Brooks has used red for the Fox to represent this and red for the desert where he leaves Magpie. Along with the scratching lines, this use of red intensifies the book against the brown and charcoal bushy like colours. The writng is also very effective because it gives a messy effect and matches with the outback pictures.


Amelia's Review on FOX!


Loyalty and Betrayal


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