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A Divergent collection

By Veronica Roth

Four was published on July 8, 2014


"Maybe here in Dauntless, bravery is the highest form of wisdom, the acknowledgment that life can and should be lived without fear." - Four

-The Son

Four is a Divergent collection containing four short stories told from Four's point of veiw. The stories in this book are The Transfer - The Initiate - The Son - The Traitor. In a dystopian future, Chicago is divided into five factions. Abnegation, Dauntless, Erudite, Amity, and Candor. Tobias Eaton was born in Abnegation. He is the son of Abnegation leader, Marcus Eaton. Two years before Beatrice Prior made her choice it is time for Tobias to make his. He transfers to Dauntless mostly because he wants to get away from his father, and he does not think he can live in any of the other factions. He does well in Dauntless and becomes the first-ranking initiate in his class.





SUMMARIESTHE TRANSFERThe day before 16-year-old Tobias Eaton makes his choice to switch factions or stay in Abnegation, he takes the aptitude test. His result is Abnegation, but he wonders if it would have been different if he had not done what his father, Abnegation leader Marcus Eaton, had coached him on. Tori, the Dauntless lady administering his test, asks him if he was aware during the simulation -a sign of divergence. On the way back to his house, instead of going with the rest of the Abnegation, Tobias takes a different route that goes through an alley. As he is going past one of the old abandoned houses he notices a lit coal inside. He climbs into the house through one of the windows. At first, it seems that no one is there, but then a factionless man comes through one of the doorways. The factionless man recognizes something familiar about Tobias and realizes that it is because he knew Tobias' mom. That night Tobias' dad has some fellow council members over so Tobias eats dinner early and goes to his room. Under his bed lies a trunk that his mom had given him before she died. Hidden inside the trunk is a blue glass sculpture and some other things that Tobias had found. When Marcus comes up to Tobias' room, he suspects something. He pulls the trunk out from under Tobias' bed and makes Tobias give him the key. He opens it to reveal everything inside. (The blue glass sculpture is hidden under his pillow). Marcus gets mad because having those things poisons the whole house with selfishness. To punish Tobias, Marcus whips his with a belt, then stamps on all of of the objects that were in the trunk and leaves them broken all over the floor. The next day is the choosing ceremony. Tobias must get away from his father, so he cannot stay in Abnegation. He does not think he could survive in Amity, Erudite, or Candor. He chooses Dauntless. The Dauntless initiation tests begin as soon as they have left the choosing ceremony building. They must jump onto a moving train, then jump off the moving train on to the roof of a building. From there, the only way to get into the Dauntless compound is to jump into a dark pit where a net is waiting to catch them at the bottom. Then all of the initiates go straight to the "fear landscape room." Tobias only has four fears: heights, confinement, shooting an innocent, and his father. This is a new record; most people have 10-15 fears. Because he no longer wants to be connected to his father in any way, including his name, Amar, the transfer initiate instructor renames him Four.THE INITIATETobias Eaton transfered to Dauntless to get away from his father and has been renamed Four because he only has four fears. Now training begins. Four is doing well. He has won all of his fights so far. Amar invites him to come along with him and some other Dauntless for a game of dare. They meet at midnight on the train. The only other initiates are two Dauntless-borns, Zeke and Shauna. Four is the last one to do a dare. To prove that he is truly a Dauntless, he is dared to get a tattoo. The next day he wins a fight againt Eric and becomes the number one initiate in his class. Shauna asks Four to help her because she keeps loosing her fights and thinks Four can help. He agrees, and she wins her next fight. At dinner two Erudites—Jeanine Matthews and her assistant—come into the Dauntless cafeteria and ask to see Four and Amar. Jeanine Matthews and her assistant want to see how Four and Amar react in their fear simulations. One of the other initiates had reported to Jeanine that Four received an abnormal result in his fear simulation and that Amar seemed like he was familiar with it, possibly from personal experience. Nothing seems to come of the strange visit until Amar's body turns up at the bottom of the chasm. Four knows that Amar did not jump into the chasm. He was forced to fall. Amar must have been divergent and shown it in his fear simulation. But still, Amar would not be dead if someone hadn't reported him. As the only initiate that transfered to Dauntless from Erudite, it must have been Eric. The final examination is in their fear landscape. Four does well and is number one in the final ranking.THE SONAs Four is starting to settle in to his new Dauntless apartment, he gets a visit from Max, one of the Dauntless leaders. Max tells him that one of the other Dauntless leaders is getting too old for the job. They want someone young to take his place. Since Four was the first-ranking initiate in his class, he is the natural choice. To become a Dauntless leader, Four must go through leadership training with many other potential canidates including Eric. Four accepts. When Four gets back from dinner that evening, he finds broken glass in the trash can. The only problem is he has not broken any glass. Someone was in Fours apartment. The next day he starts the leadership training program. As soon as he gets back he knows something is wrong. The door is slightly open, but he closed it when he left. Inside the apartment, Four finds a note on the table. It reads: On the day you hated most At the time she died In the place where you first jumped on.Four figures out that this means "Wednesday, 2 a.m., at the train station near the Hub." Since Four wants to know who broke into his apartment and left the mysterious note, he goes to he control room where his friend Zeke now works, so he can check the footage from outside his room that day. While he is scrolling through the footage, he gets distracted by Jeanine Matthews and Max talking in his office about the new Dauntless leader. Jeanine says that she has already chosen the canidate, but Max says that he does not like who Jeanine has picked and wants to find someone else who meets all the criteria. Why is Jeanine involved in the choosing of the next Dauntless leader? That night (since it's Wednesday), Four sets out to the train station near the Hub. He was expecting Marcus, since he seemed like only person person who would know that information, but is surprised to find his mother there. He thought she was dead. She wants Four to join her and the rest of the factionless to fight against the faction system. She also says that they do not want someone like Four to be the new Dauntless leader. They don't want someone who can think for themselves. They want someone they can use as a pawn and manipulate. Four knows this is true. The next day at leadership training Four drops out. Max thinks its because the pressure is getting to him and doesn't suspect anything, and lets him choose a different job. Four wants to be the new initiation instructor. Since that is seasonal work, he would be working in the control room for the rest of the year. Tori continues to work on Four's tattoo—all of the faction symbols. Because this is something only a divergent would want, she works before and after her regular hours so that they would not be caught by the security cameras.THE TRAITOROn Visiting day, two years later, Four is on a mission. He has copied down Max' password for his computer by looking at his fingers while he typed it in while watching security footage showing him logging in. Four got Lauren, one of the Dauntless technical staff, to give him a hard drive with a mirror program on it. This enables him to go through all the files and things on Max' computer, from his own. He succeeds in doing so and while looking through some of Max' files Four found attack plans against Abnegation. He does not know what to do, or who to tell. He ends up going to Abnegation to tell his father who didn't even beleive him. He is still determined to do as much as he can to help Abnegation.

I thought Veronica Roth did a great job on this book. I loved getting to read from Four's point of view and learn more of his story. I thought that reading Four gave the Divergent trilogy a bit more depth. There is a quote from Four: the Traitor that reminds me of reading Divergent, then reading Four. It is, "How is it possible to live the same story twice, from different vantage points?" Four left me wanting more, which, I guess, is the sign of a good book. I wish it had been longer—to me there did not seem to be enough.



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