Four Secrets

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Four Secrets

Author: Margaret Willey

Title: Four Secrets

Summary:Four secrets is about three kids who go to Juvie for 'kidnapping' a kid who bullied one of the three kids. They each have a huge secret throughout the book, that you dont get to find out until the end. They make a new friend through it all, and discover many new things.

A True FriendWhen the roses lose their fragrance,and the world seems at an end,When the day has lost its gladness,what a blessing is a Friend.One who takes you as she finds you,caring not who is to blame,One who knows all your shorcomings,but who loves you just the same.Heaven sends a gift each morn,of a bright new day to spend,What a joy it is to share it with,God's greatest gift...A Friend

Victims of bullying live with the consequences for decades, study says

Victims of bullies suffer the psychological consequences all the way until middle age, with higher levels of depression, anxiety and suicide, new research shows.The immediate ill effects of bullying have been well documented, with experts increasingly seeing it as a form of child abuse. Influential studies from Finland have made the case that people who were bullied as kids continued to suffer as young adults – girls who were bullied grew up to attempt and commit suicide more frequently by the age of 25, for instance, and boys were more likely to develop anxiety disorders.Now a trio of researchers has taken an even longer view. They examined data on roughly 18,000 people who were born in England, Scotland and Wales during a single week in 1958 and then tracked periodically up through the age of 50 as part of the U.K.’s National Child Development Study.Back in the 1960s, when the study subjects were 7 and 11 years old, researchers interviewed their parents about bullying. Parents reported whether their children were never, sometimes or frequently bullied by other kids.

I believe this poem relates to the book, because it talks about having a true friend. it talks about how whatever happens, they will stay by them through it all. In four secrets, none of them would give upvwould happen. They stucked together, without even knowing it truley.

This picture represents the journals they used, for when they had to write in them.

This article relates, because it talks about bullying. Renata was bullied by chase. Which basically was the whole reason for the kidnapping, and what started the story.

This picture reminds me of where they slept when they were in juvie.

This picture represents Greta's office.

I think this song relates because the singer is trying to say i'll always be there. When your getting bullied I will be there for you, like a true friend, because i see your true colors, not what other people are trying to say. Just like when renata got bullied Nate and Kate was there for her and went as far as kidnapping him.

This video is about a girl who was bullied. To the point she commited suicide. I related this video to Four Secrets because Renata was bullied.


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