Four Knowledge Processes

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Four Knowledge Processes

Using the Four Knowledge Processes in the Biology Classroom

1. ExperiencingExperiencing the known and the new.

A.W.N TableWhat do you already know about plants and their flowers?What do you want to know about flowers and pollenators?

Task: Identify the role flowers play for angiosperms and the importance of pollinators in the process of pollination.

2. ConceptualisingConceptualising by naming and by theorising.

Discuss Consequences of Human Impact on PollinationIn pairs, research the consequences of human actions on a particular system. Identify at what stage this action would impact flower reproduction. Share your research with the class.

Glossary of Flower TermsCompile a list of terms that were identified in the YouTube clip. Organise these terms into male, female, sterile and other. List them in their groups and define them using the definitions from the YouTube video.

Draw and Label a Diagram of a FlowerOn a blank sheet of A4 paper draw and label a diagram of a flower. Use the glossary you have created to add any structures you might have missed.

3. AnalysingAnalysing functionally and critically.

Create a Flow ChartDesign a flow chart that demonstrates the process of pollination. Each event should have it's own segment. Each segment should have a written description.

Using your knowledge of flower structures, disect a flower to identify and observe its various structures.

4. ApplyingApplying appropriately and creatively.

Disecting a Flower

Make a PosterDesign a poster toinform the publicabout the consequencesof human actions on one of the systems discussed. The poster should also identify structures andfunctions of aflower.


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