Foundamental Counting Principle

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Algebra I

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Foundamental Counting Principle

Foundamental Counting Principle

ConclusionsIn conclusion this project introduced me the foundamental counting principle. This is very important because of the numerous uses it may from now on have on my daily life, now I'm able to evaluate situations more critically considering all the options. In my opinion this is a concept that may be of grat use for people who lo to play hardcore in casinos or just with friends. This is a really interesting concept that I would like to expand on during my academic life.


What is It?The system we use to determine different ways we can do things. It's an essential principle for probability and a base mathematical idea.

Why is this important?This principle is super important to be able to determine possible outcomes of any desition. Im other words it's basic to know it before your next trip to Las Vegas.This principle is also relevant to our academic studies because its not as hard, it's based on multiplication. Just multiply the # of ways anithing can occur.

The foundamental counting principle has five basic rules. This principle is based on choices people may make. It;s important to consider that any example of this principal will include an independent or dependent event.

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