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Origanal RemainsA origanal remain is developed by first the insect, animal, or any living thing gets caught in ice or amber and they stay in the thing that caught them and they stay like that like frozen, but they die in this process.

Trace Fossils A trace fossil is developed by first something steps in soft mud and then it's footprint or imprint is left. Then is covered with dirt or sand. Then it hardens and leaves only the tracks of the object that left it there.


This is a Trace Fossil.

This is the Mold Fossil.

This is a picture of a original remain.

This is a picture of premineralized/petrified wood

Write something interesting about the city!

Premineralized/Petrified FossilsA premineralized/petrified fossil is developed by first the animal dies then the skin decomposes and then it gets buried in the sand and there are holes in the bone and water with minerals get in the bone and all the soft parts decompose and are left with only the hard parts are left and then it turns into a rock then you have your prmineralized / petrified fossil. This happens to tree truncks too.

Mold is the cake panA mold developes by first the fossil is in the rock. Then it hardens around the fossil. Third fossil decomposes -> empty cavity.Mold comes before the cake.

Cast is the cakeA cast fossil is developed by first the water with minerals caame in and it hardened. It's not the whole body just parts of it.

This is the cast

Carbonized FilmA carbonized film is developed first the animal or plant dies. Then it decays but leaves behind the carbon and there is an empty spot in the rock. Fossil made from thin film of carbon atoms and molecules.

This is a Carbonized Film


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