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My group and I chose the songs "Express" and "Show me how you burlesque" by Christina Aguilera. We chose these because we thought it would fit perfectly with our style of dance. We disregarded others because we wanted to incorporate both fast and slow music in order to incorporate different dance moves.

My group and I decided on the costumes we will use by communicating ideas and researching the background of fosse and an outfit that would look appropriate with the dance. We found that it consists of a lot of the colour black so we decided to wear black shorts and a black tank top with white gloves. An issue we encountered when deciding on this costume was the fact that some people did not want to wear shorts, however we agreed that we would look different and stand out more since leggings are part of our other dances. Some things we needed to consider when choosing this dance was if shorts and a tank top would be appropriate with our dance our if it would hold us back from doing certain moves. An inspiration of our costume is below.

An emotional investment in this dance is aiming to portray a sense of expression while making it appropriate. We hoped that the audience would enjoy the dance and feel that a lot of time was put into it.


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