Forms of Assessment

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Forms of Assessment

Formal & Informal

This type of assessment is useful to help determine what reading level the student should be at. I think the problem with running record is that it focuses on the number of errors to child is making. Also, it may make the student very nervous as the teacher is assessing the student on the spot as they read the book. This may hinder the child's performance, making them make more errors than usual. I believe a child should be comfortable when reading and make it fun.

As a teacher it is important to be very aware of what your students are doing in the classroom. To assess a student by observing, it could happen incidentally or it could be planned. I feel this is one is the most important type of assessment as the student is learning in different play environments or class activities naturally. They are comfortable to be themselves which will give a true assessment of their behaviour and progress.


Forms of Assessment

Work Samples

Literacy Portfolio

Running Record

I feel work samples are more for the teacher to assess and not for the student. Assessment should be for the student to reflect as well, but with work samples the teacher records the child's daily work from audio, video, survey, or interview.

This type of assessment will give the teacher a well rounded perspective of the student. When I am a teacher, I will want to collect everything the student has created or achieved to show their progress. This way the student, parent, and teacher can look back on everything the child has done throughout the year. It will give a good understanding of the studen'ts strengths and weaknesses, and also, what they enjoy or did not enjoy.

I understand a teacher needs to help the child correct the errors they are making, so I feel a miscue analysis may be a better form of assessment. Everyone learns and transacts meaning differently and this accounts for that.



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