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Formative Feedback Glog

The Sooner the Better

5 Effective Feedback Tips

Involve Learners in the Process

Providing students with encouraging, meaningful, and timely feedback enhances their learning and increases their classroom achievement.



Be as Specific as Possible

Address the Learner's Advancement Toward a Goal

Present Feedback Carefully

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DON'T FORGET!1. Feedback is not advice, praise, or evaluation...It tells us how we are doing in our efforts to reach to real a specific goal.2. The classroom must be a safe haven students are more likely to utilize feedback.3. Students can give feedback, too!4. Students need to know the learning target; if not then the feedback is "just someone telling them what to do."5. The BEST feedback occurs during the learning process so there is still time to act on it.

I wonder how I am doing...


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