Formation of Canada

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Formation of Canada

Jacques CartierJacques Cartier miss understood Kanata for Canada and that's how we got are name "Canada".

Jean TalonDeveloped fishing and fur trade so that the settlers could export seal, salmon and cod to France.

Formation of Canada


Jacques CartierWas credited with the european discovery of the entry to Canada.He located the entrance to the St.Lawernce river, and travelled along it as far as Hochelaga{Montreal}.

John Cabot On Cabot's first voyage, he sailed west for fifty-two days before sighting land.It is believed that he landed on Cape Breton Island.Although he relized he had not arrived at the long-sought-for China, he planted the flag of England and claimed the land for King Henry the VII.

Champlain was more than an explorer.He was also a skilled carpenter.He drew the plans for a large habitation,with three main buildings,a moat and a drawbridge.Here,Champlain, his men,and some settlers spent their first winter.

Samuel De ChamplainWas known as the father of New France.


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