Form and Function

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Form and Function


The form is bricks and the wall

Types of structures



Internal forces


Shear occurs when two forces work aginst each other.

A frame structure is a series of materials that support each other

Compression is a force that presses against particles


Torsion is when an object is twisted on both ends

Tension occurs when an object is being stretched on both ends


External forces

Water hitting aginst the bottom.

Internal forces

The purpose of the great wall of china is to protect themselves from mongolians

The function of the wall is the bricks and the guard towers

There would be tension in the cables

Solid structres have a large mass and is made of contsruction materials

The form was made of bricks and stone

The purpose for the colossem was for entertainment

A shell structure is a hollow and curved shape


Form and Function By: Arthur Cheung

The function was for gladiators to fight


Dead load

Live load

Dynamic load

The dead load is the structure itself being affected by gravity

Static loads

The live load is when gravity can vary on the object.

A dynamic load is a force that is not gravity

Wind pushing against the bridge

The centre of gravity in an object is the balance point

Centre of gravity

Centre of gravity

If the object has a wider base than it would have better stability

Centre of gravity

Magnitude measures how strong the force is

The plane of appiication is where the force is applied

Forces and structures

The plane of application is the angle the force is applying to


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