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Form Ancient to Modern Times

Greek Art at it's finest

From Ancient, to Modern times, When in Rome

This could be a peice of clay that is a picture of a daily day in Rome. An artisan made these designs of this block of clay.

This is a modern day mug that is very popular in America. This is pottery, inspired by the Romans. This is made out of clay. Yhe purpose is to store a luiquid to drink out of.

Romans were inspired by the Greeks in the artwork they made. The Romans got some Greek ideas from Etruscan art, other ideas were directly borrowed from the Greeks. Pottery was made out of clay. Clay vessels were used for storing food, water, and wine. Black figures were painted on red clay with designs or gods, heroes, or people in daily life. Romans borrowed this from the Greeks, but they added their own technique. Greco-Roman art is what historians speak. This is what they called Roman art that was borrowed from the Greeks. In Rome, monuments were built with Greek style, Painters used Greek's artwork as models, Wealthy Romans collected Greek art. Roman sculptors were extremly lifelike in portraits. There was realistics busts, face, and shoulders. Life sized carved statues of a famous military leader wre carved. The was like it was just as powerful at the actual person. People in America have pottery in their houses all over the place. There are many famous paintings and sculptors all around the world.

Opa for food and drink!

This is a picture of ancient Roman food all placed together. There are clay bottles containing water. The yellow liquid is water eith herbs and honey. The bottle is glassware which the Romans created.

This is a picture of a Thanksgiving meal. This is eaten once a year by the Americans. There are foods on this plate that include turkey, cranberries, stuffing and more.

Only the Rich Romans had a kitchen in their homes to produce food in. The poor had small grills and relied on Thermopolia (fast food). Sometimes in the day, the rich bought food at Thermopolia because it was fast and convenient. For breakfast Romans usually had a peice of bread and a bowl of beans or porridge. Porridge is an oatmeal like cereal make from barley or wheat. Lunch may be cheese and bread, olives, or celery. For dinner the poor could have chunks of fish with asparagus and a fig for dessert. For dinner wealthy Romans had special appetizers, mice cooked in honey, roasted parrots stuffed with dates, salted jellyfish, and snails dipped in milk. Drinks included plain water and hot water with herbs and honey. Wealthy women or their slaves shopped at the market for a selection of foods. Merchants kept playful monkeys and colorful parrots to attract customers. On the shelves items incluses fruits, live rabbits, chicken, geese, baskets of snails, and cuts of meats. Clay jars had a salty fish sauce called garum. This was poured over the main course. This impacts the world today because we still eat many of these foods, in the Bahamas and various other places there is Markets with people who sell items, and we use glass items and clay pottery for holding food/drinks.

This is a picture of an average Roan family in the ancient times. There were few kids and a mother and a father.

This is a photo of a modern family us the U.S.. There are ususally few children, usually a mother and father.

Family comes first...or does it?

Family was ruled by paterfamillas. Everyone had to obey him. Roman men were expected to provide for the family. In wealthy families, husbands were in politicial positions. In a poor family, husband and wives had to work to pay for the family. Wealthy women ran their households by buying and trading slaves. Many women ran their own buisnesses. They bought ad sold property. Roman babaies were only kept if they were strog and healthy. They were usually born at home. If the father didn't approve, them the child was left outsde to die or be claimed by a slave. They thought it was strange that Egyptians and others raised all of their babies. Children were named at a ceremony when they were nine days old. Burra (a good luck charm) was worn throughout the childhood. From ages 14-18 a Roman boy celebrated becoming a man, He offered his bulla and childhood toys to gods at a special ceremony. Girls became adults when they beame married at the age of 12-18. Weddings were held at a temple when bothe the groom and bride wore a white toga. Father wore it with leather shoes. He became parterfamilas when his dad died. There are millions of families today internationally, men and women can both have jobs to support their family, or just one of the parent can have a job.


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