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What Causes Eben's Views on Race and Freedom to Change?Eben's views on race and freedom change when he finds out that Curzon had been enslaved. While the two were in Kingston, Curzon first asked Eben about his thoughts on being free and Eben said, "...No, if I were that [enslaved] fellow, I'd be happy for the food and clothes and good care my master gave me" (Anderson 66). At this time, Eben and Curzon didn't know what real enslavement was like. All Eben saw was the food, clothes, and light commands that the slaves got. The change happened when Eben met up with Curzon while he was currently enslaved, before heading back to Moore Hall. "We have a plan [to get you out of here]" (Anderson 218). Later as Curzon had said no to his plan, Eben was still trying, "What can we do? How can we help you get out of here?" (Anderson 222). Now that one of his close friends is enslaved, not only Curzon but Eben sees how it really is for slaves. Eben is no longer "thankful" for the clothes and the food. He was going along with what he thought it was like, now he's going along with what its really like.

How and Why Does Burns Make Trouble for Curzon?Burns makes trouble for Curzon mupltile times because when they first met, Burns had said, "My arm hurts, fetch the wood for me you dirty negar" (Anderson 54). Towards Curzon, as well as, "Its not just my arm. My feet hurt too. Give me your boots" (Anderson 54). Curzon had fought back, which surpised, yet angered Burns. He treats him poorly because he says Curzon is a runaway slave that doesn't belong in enlistment. Later, he ambushes Curzon during the night, steals his boots and assults him along with two other men, "I will have your boots now, Private Smith. [Two allies] you know what to do" (Anderson 137). They beat him up until he goes unconscious. This is payback, because Burns can now get away with the trouble he causes ever since he became Seargeant.


How Does Bellingham Use His Position as a White Man to Control Curzon?Bellingham uses his position as a white man to control Curzon by enslaving him, since in Forge, its normal for white people to enslave black people, sometimes without question. Bellingham used to own Curzon when they lived in New York, but not anymore. Curzon had told him, "You agreed I'd be free once my first enlistment expired. That was more than a year ago" (Anderson 162). Bellingham replied, "The circumstances have changed" (Anderson 162). He'd enslaved him yet again without needing to inform anyone or sign any papers. Nobody in this time period would question Bellingham if they worked for him, or were below him and get away with it. "I am free" (Anderson 166) Said Curzon. "Hardly" (Anderson 166) Bellingham lied. "I spat in his face...The guard's cudgle bashed my skull" (Anderson 166). Bellingham refuses to admit that Curzon is free, but because the circumstances are still a white congressman versus an enlisted black man, the people would give more respect and obidence to Bellingham over Curzon. Bellingham well knew this.

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