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After seeing Curzon leave with Bellingham, eben starts to view on race and freedom. This creates meaning because eben hasn't change his mind on race and freedom. "Are you heading out for duty? Two more quick bits and swallow. The taste compelled me to futher honesty. 'Im not a soldier' "What are you then? ' Im on my own and looking for work". His face brightend,'you could enlist Captain needs replacements'. At first Eben doesn't care about curzon's race, he's helping curzon get a job not carring about curzon's race. "Burns had announced i'd been arrested and returned to my rightful owner, Benny had written a petition to captain Russell every man in the company except burns'. The captain threw it in the fire, and said the matter was to not be discussed again. This showed that not only eben wanted to help curzon but lots of people. Eben wants curzon to be free, so he set up a plan to help curzon get out of valley Forge

How does Bellingham use his power as a white man to control curzon

Because of Curzon's race Bellingham uses him as a slave."Curzon, i own you, "Not any longer, Twenty pounds sterling please, continental money is worthless. Bellingham hit across the face so hard, i flew into the coats that hung from the wall, then tripped over the coats on the floor,'You will eat, you will bathe and you will do as i say!-Halse pg 163Curzon at that moment is now a slave for Bellingham. At that time people of curzon's race were mostly used as slaves."Come Curzon, you have no choise boy". 'I am free. "Hardly.-Halse pg 166Bellingham doesn't care for curzon, he is just using curzon as a slave. Because of how rich Bellingham is it lets Bellingham own Curzon.

By Jose Romero

How and why does Burns make trouble for Curzon?

Burns hates curzon because of curzons race. And he makes trouble for curzon whenever he can. "I will have your boots now private Smith it is fair compensation" 'I'll report you to the captain' "Please do i've already told him how much of a trouble maker you are, he is not fond of dark skinned soldiers, did you know that'?. "When i woke up my boota were gone my belly hurt wicked, and my skull felt like it had been hit with a hammer.-Halse pg 137. I think burns made the up the part where he said that the captain is not found of black soldiers, and he was trying t0 say that to curzon. Burns tells everyone lies about curzon just because he want to get curzon in trouble. "Eben took his turn at dawn, get off plaguey backside and do your duty". "My arm hurts, fetch the wood for me, you dirty negar". That confirms that burns doesn't care about curzon because of curzon's race

What causes Eben's view on race and freedom to change?

By Laurie Halse



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