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What causes Eben to change his views on race and freedom is when he learns Curzon was captured again. Originally, he thought that he wouldn't care if he was forced into bandage. "If I were that fellow, I'd be happy for the food, clothes, and good care my master gave me. I would know that God wanted me in bandage, and I would not question his will." (Anderson 66) This shows that If Eben was capturd, he would just accept it, but Eben has never walked in Curzons shoes, and Eben is white.Later, when Eben learns that Curzon is captured (again), he goes to visit him and try to get him out. "Curzon here, this gentleman's...servant, him and me fought together at Saratoga" (Anderson 215) Eben wanted Curzon out of bandage. Even in war, Curzon was promised freedom. Eben was with Curzon when he signed a contract into war. Eben must have thought it was wrong to have Curzon in slavery since Curzon was still technically a soldier.

How does Bellingham use his position as a white man to control Curzon?

The novel is about an African American named Curzon. After he ran away from being a slave, he signed up to join the army at Valley Forge. Once he signed up, he was promised freedom, but will he sustain his freedom? Will his past affect him now?

Bellingham uses his position as a white man to control Curzon because Bellingham is not only white, but he can make Curzon work, and they had a past: Curzon used to work for Bellingham untill he ran away and got recaptured. Since he got captured again, he has to go back to Bellingham. "'What time shall I bring him to you?' Burns asked." (Anderson 151) This shows that Curzon is forced to go back to Bellingham. Bellingham is also a man of business, so he has more power from what he has gained. "You work for a nub who worked for His Excellency General Washington?" (Anderson 153) This proves that Bellingham has high connections. Since Bellingham is white, a man of business, and has high connections, he can get almost anything he wants, including the ability to control Curzon

How and why does Burns make trouble for Curzon?

Burns makes trouble for Curzon due to the color of his skin. He does it by accusing him of stealing, beating him up, and he stole Curzon's boots. The novel even stated that "Sergant Burns doesn't give a fig for Curzon" (Anderson 139) This already shows that Burns doesn't like Curzon to begin with. Also, Burns attacked Curzon with his assistants. "When I finally woke up, my boots were gone, my belly hurt wicked, and my head felt like it was hit with a hammer." (Anderson 138) This brings out the evil in Burns. The novel also said how Burns deny anything Curzon says. If Curzon was white, I don't think that Burns would cause this much trouble for him. If Curzon was white, Burns wouldn't be so harsh.

Forge: By Laurie Halse AndersonDone By: Vanessa Fisher

What causes Eben's views on race and freedom to change?


Revolutionary War


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