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ForgeBy Laurie Halse Anderson

James Bellingham uses his position as a white man to control Curzon by first, having white skin, and second because Bellingham technically still owns Curzon. This is first shown in the novel when Curzon says, "The judges- all high-ranking officers- asked me to provide proof of the promise" (Anderson 165). This shows that because Curzon is not white-skinned, the judges ask him for evidence, but not Bellingham. The second proof is shown when James Bellingham says "'Curzon... I own you'" (Anderson 162). This means that even though Curzon was promised by James Bellingham to be free after the war, he broke the promise and said he owned him for an excuse.

Eben's view on race and freedom changes after Eben and Curzon have an argument about racial rights. The argument in the novel is at its climax when Eben says. '"[Slaves] can't be free, Curzon. They're slaves. Their masters decide for them'" (Anderson 65). This shows that in the beginning, Eben thought that slaves shouldn't be free. In the end, Eben's view on race and freedom changes when Eben says "'[Eben} been pondering the matter ever since we quarreled. You were right. If we're gonna fight a war, it should make everyone free, not just some'" (Anderson 106). This shows that because Eben lost a friend it made him think about race and freedom. Eben realized that everybody should be free, even slaves.

Burns makes trouble for Curzon because Curzon is not white skinned. He makes trouble for him by spreading rumors and making fun of him. The proof of John Burns not liking Curzon present in the text is when Burns says, "'Fetch the wood for [John Burns], [Curzon] dirty negar'" (Anderson 55). This shows that John Burns is assuming Curzon is not as good as him, and making fun as him because of his skin color. The description present in the text of Burns spreading of rumors is when John Burns says, "'[Burns] told these gentlemen all about the card games you lost, and how [Curzon] refuse to honor your debts'" (Anderson 136). This shows that John Burns is spreading rumors about Curzon to make people hate him.


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