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Forge By Laurie Halse Anderson

ForgeLaurie Halse Anderson

What causes Eben's views on race and equality to change?

Curzon's enslavement caused Eben's views on race and freedon to change. Eben first states his views by saying,"we're fighting for our freedom. Not theies (Slaves)" (Anderson 65). This demonstrates that Eben doesn't care if there is slavery. The author shows the change in Eben's views by writing,"We knew you would try to run on of these days. We talked about it and dicided we'd help if we could" (Anderson 219-220). This proves that Eben doesn't like the idea of slavery any more. The shift was caused by his best friend being enslaved.

Burnsmakes touble for Curzon because he beleives Curzon is a runaway salve. John Burns opinion is made clear when he says," he is co cloaked in falsehood, I am certain he is a runaway slave, sir" (Anderson 56). This proves his dislike for Curzon by trying to make the sargent mad at Curzon. The author shows Burns'es capability by writing,"he became the best bootlicker ever was, waiting close to the sargents elbow for hte chance to be of service or to wisper poisonous notions about me" (Anderson 56). This demonstrates that John Burns is willing to tell lies about Curzon to get what he wants.

How and why does Burns make trouble for Curzon?

Bellingham uses his position asa white man to control Curzon by forcing him into slavery. Bellingham first shows his power by saying,"enough foolishness. You will eat, you will bathe, and you will do what I say" (Anderson 163). This shows thta Bellingham will make Curzon a slave again, even if he has to force Curzon. Bellingham gives another example of his control when he explained,"for your recent treatment of me, I should pay you back with a beating" (Anderson 195).This proves that Bellingham will do whatever he can in his power to control Curzon. He will even beat Isabel to make Curzon obey.

How does Bellingham use his position as a White man to control Curzon?

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