Forensics Art and Artists

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Forensics Art and Artists

Forensic Art & Artists

Forensic art is art that is used for law enforcement/legal purposes. The areas of forensic art are composite art, image modification/age progression, and postmortem and facial reconstruction. People who do this are called forensic artists.

Job Requirements-H.S. diploma, Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts, certification of forensic artistry, on-the-job training Salary-Projected Job Growth= 4% (for all fine artists)-Annual Salary= $51,120 (for all fine artists)

Forensic artists have the important job of working with witnesses draw an accurate representation of the person of interest. This person has the ability to work alongside law enforcement officials in criminal investigations.

Forensic Artist Job Posting

I think I would not be very good at this job, mainly because I can't draw, but it is very interesting nonetheless. The whole aspect of being able to draw the suspect's face just from descriptions from the victim is so intruguing. If I were to learn to draw one day, I would love to have this skill.

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The World's Most Successful Forensic Artist

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