Forensic Scientists

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Forensic Scientists

Edmond Locard (1877-1966)Alphonse Bertillian (1853-1914)Leon Lattes (1887-1984)Francis Galton (1822-1911)Mathieu Orifila (1787-1853)

Leone Lattes

Edmond Locard

Francis Glaton Video

Edmond Locard: said "every contact leaves a trace" this soon became his exchange principle. Francis Galton: His cousin is Charles Darwin, they studied together. Leone Lattes: from a blood stain he can determine what your blood type is. Alphonse Bertillian: created an identification system based on physcial measurements. Mathieu Orifila: was put on a case in 1840 to see if a women had poisened her husband.

Forensics Scientisits and their contribution to society.By: Ciara Meredith.

Francis Galton

Alphonse Bertillian

InterestingsFactsEdmond Locard: Known as the Sherlock Holmes of France. Alphonse Lattes: French policemanLeon Lattes: developed a method about how to restore dried blood stains. Francis Galton: first to study human selective mating. Mathieu Orifila: known as the father of toxicology.

Mathieu Orifila


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