Forensic Scientist

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Forensic Scientist

To see my career Q&A click the link below:RESEARCH Q&A

Forensic Scientist

The Level Of Education that is needed is for a forensic science career is 4-6 years of college education

Earning Range:35K - 100K


STEM EndorsementLife Science/Pre-MedI will choose this endorsement becasuse it relates back to my interests and what I would like to pursue in when the future aproaches me.

VOCABULARYMajor:: Forensic ScienceCollege:: Texas A&M REASON: They have a great Life Sciences and Forensics DepartmentPossible Scholarships:Academic, Academic Acheivement, College and Department, Foundation Excellence, Opportunity Award.

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CAREER PATHOVERVIEWCareer ChoiceFORENSIC SCIENTIST/CSIWhat Do They Do? Investigate crime scences and answer the simple questions of: Who, What, When, Where, Why, How.SUITABLE FOR YOU?-Be interested in chemistry-Be interested in human biology-Work with attention to detail

Driving QuestionHow will I be able to prepare for my four year plan throughout high school and my STEM endorsements in college and still be able to stay focused on my career of being a forensic scientist?

Driving AnswerI will take the time to plan my 4 Year Plan and approve it with my mentors. I will focus more on my school work over my social life throughout college. I will pay attention in my classes in college and in high school so that I can earn the required smarts and degree for the career of a Forensic Scientist.

A typical day of a young Forensic Scientist


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