Forensic Psychology

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Forensic Psychology

Due to the nature of forensic psychology, its salaries can vary from $35,000 to $100,000 with a national average of $64,000. The type of degree, school(s) attended, and region of employment can also affect salaries.


The responsibilities of a forensic psychologist are many and varied. They may be hired to evaluate a criminal's competence to stand trial. They may also work as expert witnesses and trial consultants in court, as well as correctional psychologists, treatment providers for mentally ill individuals, and crime prevention researchers specific to psychology and the law.

Usually, forensic psychologists will need to complete bachelor's and master's degrees in a behavioral science or a related field. They also must earn a PhD in psychology, typically totaling around 8-12 years of experience. Some forensic psychologists also study independently or take a fellowship training course before applying to the American Board of Professional Practice in Psychology for specific certification in forensic psychology. To be successful, a forensic psychologist must:- be able to remain calm in stressful situations- be able to write effectively- possess extensive knowledge of the law and its relations to mental health- be able to think critically and have a thorough understanding of scientific theory and research

Primary Duties


Forensic Psychologist

Careers In Psychology(


Not only do I find forensic psychology interesting, it offers many different roles in society, which would prevent a mundane, tedious life routine. It applies the already-intriguing field of psychology to criminal justice, another fascinating field of study.

Why Forensic Psychology?


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