Forensic Pathologist

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Forensic Pathologist

Some Forensic Pathologists work full time for the city, county or privately for government agencies. Most of the time in labs examining autopsys or examining tissues under microscopes or working with small tools for extended periods of time. However, visiting death sites and making court appearances are required.

Forensic Pathologists are specialy trained medical examiners whos job is to investigate the bodies of people who died suddenly or violently. Their job is to determine the cause of death wether it be homocide, scuicide, natural, or unknown.

RESPONSIBILITIES: to investigate the bodies of sudden death victims to determine the cause of their death.SALARY: $180,000 - $240,000

Forensic Pathologists require degrees as a Doctor of Medicine, D.M. or a Doctor of Osteopathy D.O. Typically, people spend 4 years in medical school working up to those degrees. A bachelors degree in science and/or math is also highly reccomended, if not required. Also, a 3-4 year residensy and a 1-year fellowship is required.The job outlook in this field is excellent. There will be high demand in the future for forensic Pathologists


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Forensic Pathologist


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