Forensic Medicine

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Forensic Medicine

Job DescriptionandWorking conditions Coroners are usually doctors that use a variety of sciences in order to gather data from autopsies to determine the most probable cause of death. They usually work in a lab if not they visit crime scenes. Other times they act as an expert witness in criminal and court cases.

Forensic Medicine

By: Brianna Vera

Job OutlookCoroners are almost exclusively employed by local governments. Employment growth in this classification is expected much higher than average over the next decade, around 20% or even more.

Education and Training Takes a minimum of 13 years of education after high school. First, you have to obtain a 4 year bachelor's degree in subjects such as chemistry, biology , or physics. After you complete a pathology residency program that may last several years.

Physical/ Personal Qualities As a coronor you may see many gruesom sights, you have to be emotionally detatched to your work and not let it interfere with your personl life. Physically you must have a strong stomach and be able to lift 100+ pounds.

Salary/Wages: $29.20 per hour$77,520 per year

Education and Training cont.You can go to any college that offers a Bachelors degree such as Rutgers or St. Peters. After you can enrol to Rutgers Medical school

Organizations The International Association of Coroners and Medical Examiners Medical Examiner/Coroner Advisory Committe


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