[2015] AlexA&KellyM &TaylorS&MadyS - 3B (AP Bio 3B): Forensic Evidence

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[2015] AlexA&KellyM &TaylorS&MadyS - 3B (AP Bio 3B): Forensic Evidence

Forensic Evidence


Forensic evidence is evidence collected to identify entities or items from traces found. It is usually associated with crime as it is used to identify attackers, drugs, toxins, and alcohol from the tiniest of shreds.


-Wet absorption: A slightly moistened sterile swab is used to concentrate a substance so that it can be sent to the lab.-Buccal Swabs: These swabs can be used to collect DNA from a suspect's cheek.-Lifting with tape: Used to peel off samples of a substance while preserving it's physical appearance (keeping fingerprints intact.)

What is it?

Pros & Cons

Results-The most recent in forensic science include advances in toxicology, serology, and understanding DNA coding-The data shows that these advances have led to an increase of solved crimes, including once-cold cases- These results mean that there are fewer and fewer ways to get away with crime

Opinions-This research just means that it's going to be harder for us to get away with crime, we'll just have to try harder. (Alex)- Looking at this research makes me feel more safe, because I know that the police have very advanced ways of catching the "bad guys." (Mady)-I feel like not that I know how much work and effort most crime labs put into identifying criminals, I can trust forensic evidence analysis. (Kelly)

Cons: -Mistakes can still be made- Even if DNA matches up correctly with a suspect, it cannot be used as sole evidence in court-DNA found may not actually belong to true criminal

Pros:-DNA matches can be used to place suspects at crime scenes- It's very hard to deny a DNA test- Less criminals are left to roam the streets

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