Forensic Criminalist

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Forensic Criminalist


EDUCATIONObtain a bachelor’s degree in physical, biological or forensic sciences, and take a 24 hour semester class on math or a life science.

PRIMARY DUTIESThey separate important evidence from trivial evidence that has little to no value to the case. They also aid in the collection and preservation of evidence found at a crime scene, such as footprints.

SALARYUsually between $35,000 and $50,000, but certain factors can affect that such as employer, location, education level, and your position in the company

INTERESTED?Go to, type in "Forensic Criminalist", and get access to everything you want to know

I chose this career because...If I was in the forensics field, I would want to be involved with the finding and preserving of the evidence from a crime scene. A forensic criminalist does just that.


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