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Forensic artist

Forensic Artists

Forensic artists use their skills in art to create composite drawings, image identification, courtroom drawings, etc.

Forensic Artists job posting:

Forensic Artists identify criminal suspects and victims through facial composite sketches. They are also often called to the scene of a crime to create drawings, scale diagrams and models of crime scenes. They are required to interview the victims and witnesses, working alongside lawenforcement officials in the case.

A composite drawing is used to help identify suspects in a two dimensional way. The artists sketches with the information the witness recollects.

The average salary for a forensic artist is about $44,000. To be a certified forensic artist, you need to go through 40 hours worth of workshops, lectures, and program training, with an addition of a high school diploma.

Most forensic artists are already involved in law enforcement, so attending a police academy or earn a Bachelor's degree in criminal justice would be helpful. Although artistic skill is important for the job, familiarity in the criminal justice field is crucial.

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I feel like I'd be able to fit the job because I find the job very important in the criminal justice field, and I find the tasks challenging but very interesting.


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