Forensic Anthropology

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Forensic Anthropology

Forensic Anthropologists examine human remains to aidin the identification of the person, gender, and possible cause of death. They analyze the remains by using methods of archeology and physical anthropology.

Job Opportunities

With this job you can focus on the academic aspect and teach or you can apply it in the feilds of law enforcement, medicine or even at the coronor's office.The following is ajob posting:

Avg. Salary

$54,000 to $75,000 per year with 5 years of experience.



Forensic Anthropology

Job description

Education Skills

Bone Biography

Your text here need a bachelor's degree in anthropology with a wide background in subjects like arecheology, genetics, anatomy, and chemistry. You also need extensive knowledge in the fields of osteology, ethnobotany, and dentition.

Studying the skeletal reamins of people would be an interesting job. I would want this job because it would help me better understand the human body and its lasting impressions of environment and activities.


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