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Location on the map of Bialystok

You can get there by buses number: 6, 13, 17, 19.

Koku Sushi Restaurants were started in 2004 to satisfied their customers looking for new dining experience and combinations of tastes. Bars are serving Japanese cuisine (sushi and other traditional dishes) Interior is cosy and kept in harmonic colours.

Koku Sushi Bialystok

300 meters from VI Secondary School!

Nigri is a japanese food containing with a rice balls and slice of fish, vegetables or omlette. Traditionally it is served with portion of wasabi.

Hosomaki is one of the most common type of sushi. Seafood or vegetables are winded with rice and red algae, in japaneese called nori. Hosomaki is also served with wasabi.

Sashimi consists with only fresh pieces of meat or fish sliced very thinly. It can be served with fresh or pickled vegetables.

With whole menu of the Koku Sushi you can become acquainted here.



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