Forces That Shape The Earth

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Earth Sciences

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Forces That Shape The Earth

Forces That Shape The Earth

Mechanical and Chemical Weathering

Mechanical Weathering-takes place when rocks are broken down without any change in the chemical nature of the rocks Chemical Weathering-caused by water, oxygen, and acids. These react with the surface of rocks to form new minerals

Water-Water erosion is the most important agent of erosion. The faster water moves in streams the larger objects it can pick up and transport.

Plate Tectonics-Earth’s lithosphere is broken into seven major plates. These plates move and change the location of earth’s continents and oceans.

Ice (Glaciers)-Glacial erosion has shaped much of the landscape. Glacial erosion is evident through the U-shaped valleys and fjords

Wind-Wind cannot carry as large particles as flowing water, but easily picks up dry particles of soil, sand and dust and carries them away. Such as, less dense soil, clays, and silts.



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