Forces of Emotions

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Social Studies

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Forces of Emotions

Emotions Matter

-Student does not perform up to standards-Student feels social isolation-Student behavior becomes negative-Student Self-Esteem Suffers-Student falls behind in the equity chain

Schools are dealing with a growing impact that emotions have on each child's learning. This can be affected by so many different factors, but also can have both a positive and negative impact at school. A young child's mind can be very fragile and educators must be aware of these things withing their classroom. The development of Sympathy, and Resolutions is a high priority for every teacher. So as you go through this keep in mind....Emotions Matter.


Forces of Emotion


-Negative home life-Classroom Isolation-Bullying and Harassment-Drug and Alcohol Abuse-Violence-Hiding Uncertainties/Confusion-Mood, Setting, Task, & Attitude of Others

Contributing Factors

*SAL: Self-Management; Decision Making; Social Communication; Problem Solving*CASEL: Developing Social and Emotional Skills*Other: Gatherings; Group Cooperation; School Schedule/Routine; Keep the wind in their sails; Giving Students Control (To a certain level); Fostering Operational Self-Esteem

Controlling Emotions



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