[2015] jack bartlett: Forbidden city!!!! :D

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[2015] jack bartlett: Forbidden city!!!! :D

The Forbidden City is the city in Bejing where the emperor ruled China. It was protected by tall, thick walls desined to keep raiders away. It also had a deep moat to further protect itself. It was created in the Ming dinasty(in the rein of emperor yongle) to house the Emperor and his family, with almost 1000 buildings and many parks.

building started- 1406emperor died-august 12 1424

The forbiden city is 178 acres or 1,600,000 feet of floor space, and has a total of 980 buildings and 8,704 rooms.

The Forbidden City!

-World's biggest ancient palace-Almost 600 years old-Home of dynasty clans for 500 years

Emperor Yongle and his family very rarly left the palace, and they left the city to the goverment. This is what caused the goverment to become corrupt. Some of the goverment officials turned and overthew the emperor.

Did You Know?


dynasty- 1368-1644 qing dynasty- 1644-1911 city's rule- 1406-1420

Story of T.F.C!

Facts about T.F.C!

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Emperer Yongle!:D

The Throne!:D

The Palace!:D



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