[2015] Julian Crupi: Forbidden City

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[2015] Julian Crupi: Forbidden City

"Every time the machine gun sounded Xin- hua's eyes flashed angrily and Nai-nai shook her head sadly." (Bell 173)

Seventeen year old Alex Jackson is happy to hear that his father, a cameraman, has asked him to tag along on an assignment in China. This will be the trip of a life time . They did not know that they would get caught up in historic events. As the students showed their change for democracy, Alex experiences what it is like to be a reporter. However, his excitment turns to sadness and violence. It is up to him and his father. It may cause them their lives.


Book Cover

Reading Strategies

The two reading strategies that I used while reading this novel were summarizing every chapter, using sticky notes, and marking down the quotes that I may use for my essay. These two strategies were effective because they were helpful when writing my essay. I always knew where everything was and what I had to complete.

Glog Report

Forbidden City

William Bell

Glog by: Julian Crupi

Main Characters

-Alex Jackson-Ted Jackson -Eddie-Lao Xu

"In China you don't choose where you are going to work, you are assigned." (Bell 39)

"I covered my eyes with my trembling hands, screaming inside my skull."(Bell 242)


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