[2015] Matteo Cario: Forbidden City

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[2015] Matteo Cario: Forbidden City

Forbidden CityBy: William Bell

reflective paragraphThe strategies visuaizing, and Researching guided me before, during, and after reading because they helped me better understand the setting of the story and imagine what it was like to be in the massacre. I found that researching helped me before and after reading the novel and visualizing helped me during the novel. These reading strategies helped me improve as a reader becasue they guided me to further expand my thoughts as i read to comprehend with the book. They tought me to read with a purpose, to understand what is taking place, not to read the book beacuse the teacher assigned it to me. These strategies helped me be more successful with organizing idea's specifically when considering the three coarse questions because they help me assimilate with the story making me have a better understanding of the coarse questions relating to the story, and improving my organization skills to develope more thorogh paragraphs. Researching and visualizing helped me think about the coarse questions and how they relate to the story and today's society.

Reading Strategy 1: ResearchingThis Strategy helps me understand the Novel Forbidden City because it helps me visualize what is happening in the story by looking at a real life image of the setting in the story. I can further Research real life facts about the massacre to help me understand what is happening in the story. One symbol that helped me research is the map of Tiananmen square in the book.

Quotation 1:"people dropped away from the crowds in the street. some fell in heaps like sacks of grain pushed from the back of a truck"(Bell,155)

Quotation 3:"the army has Beijing surrounded. soilders have been moving into the area again since the martial law was declared six days ago" (bell,119)

Reading strategy 2: VisualizingThis strategy helps me understand the Novel Frobidden City because i can picture what it would be like to live in China. I can also understand the setting of Tiananmen square and picture what it would be like to live in that situation. One conflict that helped me visualize what occured is when the students of Beijing University gather at Tiananmen square to protest against the Governments set regulation.

SynopsisForbidden City is a Novel based on the ocurance of the Beijing massacre in 1989. Throughout the story we learn the many struggles of the University students, and the courage it takes to try to make a change in their community by standing up to what they believe in.

Quotation 2:"The Government had said that the student demonstrators are counter-revolutionaires" (bell,117)


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