[2015] Kira Jordun: Forbidden City

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[2015] Kira Jordun: Forbidden City

"Cao chuan jijian. Its literal meaning is 'Straw boat borrow arrows', but the idea is that you use your opponents strength's against them... In China, our greatest strength is our people. But so often in our history, we fight amoung ourselves." (Bell 74)

As you read take note of important quotes and ideas. There are multiple ways to do so...1. Sticky Notes : Place sticky notes on important pages so they are easier to make reference to later on. You can also write quotes, ideas, connections or questions on the sticky notes which can then be attached to the corresponding pages.2. Create a Document: Using a blank piece of paper or word document, type/write out and organize important ideas, quotes or thoughts in the form of jot notes.3. Graphic Organizers: Using an oline template or handmade template, organize key points selected from the novel. This method works best for visual learners.Why Take Notes?For your final essay you will have to select main ideas to support your thesis. Having important points summarized and quotes collected prior to writing your essay will make selecting your supporting evidence much easier!

"Everything was controlled. These students were being told how to run every part of their lives. For example, they weren't supposed to date. they couldn't get married. They had to go to political studies class. And if they stepped out of line there were hundreads of thousands of others waiting to take their spot. No wonnder they thought no one listened to them. No wonder they were here." (Bell 88)

Forbidden CityBy William Bell

Determine Importance

After every chapter or every few chapters (depending on how many important ideas each chapter contains) write a brief summary hilighting important quotes, themes and ideas and explain their significance. When you write your final essay all your important ideas will be at your disposal!

Chapter Summaries

"A convoy of four tanks was rolling down Chang An Avenue... unchallenged in the deserted street. Suddenly a man sprinted out onto the street... He stopped in front of the lead tank, facing it, defying it, standing almost at attention... As it began to move forward, the man turned and stood in front of it again, stubborn, unyielding, a thin ordinary man against the power of the PLA... Shortly after this incident... [the man] was arrested. Yesterday he was executed." (Bell 266)

Seventeen-year-old Alex Jackson comes home from school to find that his father, a CBC news cameraman, wants to take him to China's capital, Beijing. Once there, Alex finds himself on his own in Tian An Men Square as desperate students fight the Chinese army for their freedom. Separated from his father and carrying illegal videotapes, Alex must trust the students to help him escape.Based on the 1989 Beijing massacre, Forbidden City is a powerful and frightening story.

Novel Summary

Tank Manhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YeFzeNAHEhU

Key Point


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