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For the Flat Classroom project

Hello to all members of The Flat Classroom Project. My name is Rositsa Mineva, I am EFL teacher of great 21st century young learners from Bulgaria. This year my pupils are from the second and the third grade. I teach them English implementing some of web2.0 tools in our daily school activities. Also we have been working in our Multilingual clasroom (it's a club) on project "Success" of Bulgarian educational ministry for making the school more attractive place for children. I'll tell you shortly how we use some web applications as Glogster EDU, linoit and vocaroo for our educational aims in our Internet classroom. About our projects this year you can inform your selves clicking on the pins of the interactive image bellow (ask for pins with links around word 'friends'). First to mention that I am an e-Twinner, GlogsterEdu ambassador and board adviser. Using Glogster EDU, wiki and other web tools I made an interactive educational platform for my students called "Internet classroom" and its wiki was the first place winner on Edublogawards 2012. There are interactive textbooks, tests and e-resources I have prepared for my students and this way I have the opportunity to flip some of students' activities and help my pupils in their homework and tests prepearing. They are really very successful new generation kids and all we do together is a great fun and a good work. Enjoy! :)

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