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Their are two differents sports called football one is soccer and the other is our american football. Some people think it is easier to call soccer football but to others it is confusing becasue of our american sport being caled football. There is also two-hand touch, Flag football and a few other types.



Fun Facts

The American Professional Football Ascociation was formed in 1920 aand two years later it had changed its name to the National Football League (NFL), in which became the most major leaague in American football history.

The sport football itself was relativley new in 1892. Its roots stemed from soccer and rugby in which were very popular back then and one is still very popular nowadays. By the 1800's most of the worlds athletic clubs had their own football team. The early history of american football is basically owned buy the U.S when they took soccer and rugby and made their own twist for their own professional game.

With our all american football we use a lot of equipment like, Helments, facemasks, shoulder pads, gloves, cleats, pants, training equipment and other things to help them be more successful intheirs games and practices. In football gaem they use penalty flags which are usually known as yellow flags. the other equipment they use are mouthguards, shin guards, shoulder pads, girdle pants custom jerseys for their team, chin straps and much more.


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