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Health & Fitness

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4- MUSCULAR ACTIVATIONTo finish the warm up, we will do the muscular activation.We will do a round with all the people and we start doing sides in one direction and when the coach says 1, we will touch the floor, 2 jump and touch the floor, 3 change direction and 4 sprint

3- JOINTS MOBILITYThen, we do some exercicies for the joints 5 times, more or less, while we anning

1- STARTFor starting we will do some running laps (about 4-5)

2- STRECHESOnce we have run the laps, we must strech to prevent our muscles from injuries


DRILL 2We will do a possession game in a reduced area. It will consists of two teams making passes and mantaining the possession as much time as you can. It will dures 10 minutes approximately

DRILL 1In pares, we will make some passes with the ball. First in a short distance and then in a longer distange

Once we finish, we are ready to start the match

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